Step: 1

The process begins with a search. You use our Search or Find a Tutor tool to get suggestions for tutors that we believe fit your needs best. You can use the subject name, postal code, or any other keyword to get our recommendations. In fact, you can look up tutors by name as well in case you are following a friend’s suggestion.

Once you hit the Search button, our algorithm suggests several tutor profiles that fit your request. You should then compare the ones that you feel look most suitable and make up your mind.

Step 2: connect

Once you have chosen the tutor you want to help your child, send them a message.

This will allow them to see you are interested in their services and they will likely get back to you very soon using our internal messaging service.

This messaging service works both ways and is offered for free, enabling you to connect with our tutors as fast and frequently as possible. You can choose to be notified of new messages on your email and via text to your phone.

Step 3: book & pay

Once you have chosen the tutor and spoken to them regarding your specific needs, and there is a mutual agreement on how the services are to be delivered, you can go ahead and book one or more lessons with them.

Please note the lesson(s) is scheduled in advance of at least 24 hours for standard services and you are expected to pay for the service at the time of booking.

Step 4: review

After you have had your session with your selected tutor, we suggest both you and the tutor write each other a review, so others on the website can benefit from first-hand reviews.

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